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brovaria | wedding portrait

Kasia and Sebastian’s wedding took place in Brovaria – a beautifully designed hotel and restaurant (by the way – they serve their own beer there – very tasty!). Unfortunately, that date was already booked when Kasia and Sebastian contacted me – so the obvious choice was to organise a photoshoot in Brovaria, something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now. I also thought it might be an interesting challenge to take on one of the most popular themes of local wedding shots – the Old Market Square. Well, I always say that wedding photography is all about people after all and one can achieve unique results working with the most over-photographed and background, all it takes is the eye of the photographer and a bit of creative thinking (well, : ) ok, you can add a few years worth of experience, street hunters’ reflexes and a sense of decisive moment). Enjoy!

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Paulina - Wchodzenie na tego bloga stało się już moim codziennym rytuałem. Jestem tu każdego dnia z neadizją, że zobaczę nowe zdjęcia i gdy już je widzę nie mogę się napatrzeć. To niesamowite jakie emocje biją z tych fotek, patrzę na nie i mam wrażenie, że jestem w tym miejscu. Świetna robota! Nie planuję jeszcze swojego ślubu ale wiem, że chciałabym byś to Ty był moim fotografem!

wedding portrait | teaser

Wedding portrait is by far one of my favourite genres. The smile is just adorable and it motivates me as a photographer to always try harder and do better, and it does so with every single image that I take, no matter if it is a quick portrait or a location shoot. Anywyas, this is supposed to be a teaser : ) so I won’t spill the beans about the rest of the photos, still, just to give all you black and white lovers something to think about: check out the second photograph.

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A portrait of an artist

A portrait session for Vital Voranau, a young writer, publisher and translator. Vital was born in Belarus, emigrated to Poland. He now lives and studies in Czech Republic. He has translated Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” and Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh” into Belarusian. For the last few year he has been actively promoting belarusian culture. A […]

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