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El Camino | Made in Poland

  El Camino is by no means an ordinary car. I dare say it’s more of a state of mind, representing Freedom and Joy found in every single moment of our life. I’m sure Ania and Wojciech felt like Bonnie, Clyde and Easy Rider all put together when driving it. This is at least how […]

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Magda Steczkowska | sneak peek

I’m more than happy to announce a pre-premiere photo preview right form the set of Magda’s new music video “nie prowokuj mnie”. I’m extremely excited as this is something relatively new to me – this time I was behind the camera in new role – shooting video. As much as I love films and the […]

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Ewa - Super! Gratki:)

studioelan - a dzięki dzięki :)

Kasia and Filip | Delicjusz Hotel

(Polski) Dziś relacja z wspaniałego ślubu Kasi i Filipa! Wielkie emocje widać było już podczas przygotowań. Potem ślub w bardzo kameralnym kościele w Puszczykowie. Krótki, acz bardzo treściwy videoklip z tego wydarzenia można zobaczyć na stronie www.filmopasja.pl Natomiast imprezę weselną w hotelu Delicjusz rozkręcił Dj Jerzman a roztańczeni goście bawili się ponoć do białego rana! Zapraszam do oglądania.

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   »»   DJ Jerzman Blog   «« » DJ na wesele Wesele Kasi i Filipa - Hotel Delicjusz Rosnówko »    »»   DJ Jerzman Blog   «« - […] Świetna zabawa, którą możecie zobaczyć na poniższych zdjęciach zrobionych przez https://www.studioelan.pl/blog/index.php/4690/hotel-delicjusz-fotografia/ a także zapraszam do obejrzenia krótkiego filmiku z tej uroczystości,  który także znajduje […]

shooting stars

I have a fairly unusual preview shot today. I photographed a stray shooting star while waiting for the wedding guests’ last attempt to lauch a chinese lantern into the night sky (a very graphic custom, I must admit, and I love photographing it every single time). Unfortunately, it failed because of the strong wind and rather cold air. Well, it was nowhere near as cold as I remember from the Nort of Norway, but it almost made my teeth chatter. Still, I think it was worth every effort : )

So… make a wish : )

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wedding portrait | teaser

Wedding portrait is by far one of my favourite genres. The smile is just adorable and it motivates me as a photographer to always try harder and do better, and it does so with every single image that I take, no matter if it is a quick portrait or a location shoot. Anywyas, this is supposed to be a teaser : ) so I won’t spill the beans about the rest of the photos, still, just to give all you black and white lovers something to think about: check out the second photograph.

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wedding story | Iza & Jan

A lovely wedding! Tons of laughter and tears, lovely guests, great party and, most importantly, a truly amazing couple: Iza and Jan. It takes only this to make a wedding photographer happy : ) Enjoy! ***

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